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Hawaii in itself is an amazing wonder of this world.

With all the delightful beaches, great history and various vacation spots, it’s easily one of the most desired locations for a vacation. But what about going deeper in the island? There’s such a rich beauty in the culture that only those who live there get to experience. Now you of course could buy a house with a standard bathroom, or you can have your dream bathroom that matches the loveliness of your home.

With our custom bathroom remodels we deliver just that. It is our goal to turn your dreams into a reality.

What do you look for in a custom bathroom? You could browse Pinterest for hours and hours on end, trying to come up with a custom design. Or you can meet with one of our professional architects and tell them your vision of your desired bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the same idea for a dream bathroom since you were 5. Our architects are incredible, and their designs speak for themselves. Why waste time when we can do all the tedious work for you? You get to sit back, enjoy one of our delicious coffees and dream. Picturing yourself relaxing in your custom shower with a cozy shower bench.

About Us

Our team is a group of talented professionals who just want to help others enjoy their dream home. It’s as simple as that. They enjoy using their seamless woodworking skills to create reliable storage spaces. Having the ability to make a quality countertop where people can be in awe of. Even putting together the hardware that will be throughout the bathroom. They delight in installing the items that secure the necessities of everyday living.

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Our variety of services are here to meet your dream home building needs.

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Bathtub & Surround Refinishing

The tedious works of refinishing a bathtub and the surrounding areas can be tiresome. So why put yourself through another DIY project that you know will waste valuable time? That time can be used for more precious events in your life. For us, this work is actually something our team likes to do. Making the bathtub match the delightfulness of the rest of the house. Our crew is fast and dedicated to get in and out where you don’t have to listen to unwanted noise for long periods of time. To find out more and see the great work we offer, click below.

Shower Surrounds

Many people have used the plaster or laminate shower surrounds. What if you can get an elegant surround for your shower? Would it not help bring that beautiful bathroom of yours all together? A shower surround that is made of marble can really set the tone for the whole bathroom. With us, you can enjoy the comfort of a resort feel in your very own home. Find out more about our shower surround service by clicking on the button below.

Tile & Grout Restoration/Sealing

Having your tiles and grout restored can feel like you just received a bathroom makeover. There are many out there that don’t realize just how much grime and mildew can build up on your tiles and in the grout. We do. That’s why we offer our restoration service. Allowing you to enjoy a cleaner bathroom every day. To find out more about the spectacular service, click below.

Countertop & Vanities

Ah, countertops and vanities are essential for any bathroom. It’s where you prep for a night on the town. A place to get ready to look good for a local luau. Needless to say, the right countertop can transform a person’s house to reflect their taste. It also can affect your attitude before you go to work. Picture this, waking up to a glorious marble countertop with a well-lit vanity vs. seeing a boring countertop with poor lighting. Which one would you rather have? To learn more about our countertop and vanity service, click on the button below.

Bath Cabinets

Having great cabinetry shows off the quality that you care about. At Honolulu Bathroom Remodel, we offer excellent reliable craftsmanship for your cabinets and drawers. They come with great storage at an affordable price. To find out more about the quality assurance that we offer with our cabinet creations, click below.

Commercial Refinishing

Do you run or own a hotel? Perhaps one of the famous B&Bs in Honolulu? Then you know how important it is to have a great looking bathroom for your place of business. Whether it’s for a tub, shower, or the overall bathroom, we’ve got you covered. With so much competition in the lodging business, why not have an edge with spectacular bathrooms for your guests to enjoy. Check out more info by clicking on the button below.


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Our clients have thoroughly enjoyed our renovations and creations. See what they have to say:

Austin G.

“I enjoy Hawaii so much. I’ve wanted to invite my friends that live on the mainland over so they can enjoy it as well. Unfortunately, my guest bathtub didn’t match the beauty of Honolulu or even my house. Thanks to Honolulu Bathroom Solutions, it has been refinished and looks great!”

Penny G.

“I’ve been staring at the same ugly shower walls for years. After contacting this company, they were able to transform my bathroom. They used an amazing looking porcelain shower surround. It’s so pretty!”

Sheldon C.

“After seeing my failed DIY project stare at me for the past few weeks, I finally decided to call the professionals. They restored my tiling and resealed the grout in my bathroom. It looks incredible. They are a definite recommend.”

Beverly C.

“So I’ve been discouraged in getting a new countertop for a while now. It seemed so pricey and I didn’t think it was in my budget. After my first consultation, I realized how wrong I was. Honolulu Bathroom Solutions did my countertop with delightful granite.”

Thank you so much for choosing Honolulu’s Bathroom Solutions for your beautiful house.

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