Commercial Refinishing

Do you run or own a hotel? Perhaps one of the famous B&B’s in Honolulu?

Then you know how important it is to have a great looking bathroom for your place of business. Whether it’s for a tub, shower or the overall bathroom, we’ve got you covered. With so much competition in the lodging business, why not have an edge with spectacular bathrooms for your guests to enjoy.

If you’re having trouble with removing unwanted stains, or starting to see chips in your commercial bathtubs, we offer the perfect solutions. With easy to use ordering service, we can schedule one of our experts to arrive quickly to restore your bathtubs.

Have you considered a caulk replacement? Honolulu Bathroom Solutions offers this premium service to help prevent material growth. This will help keep your customers healthy and safe.

Imagine seeing clean grout and edges in your lodge bathrooms? Our refinishing service allows you to enjoy this for years to come.

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James G.

“Thanks to Honolulu Bathroom Solutions services, my bathtubs and showers have been completely refinished. My recurring customers have definitely noticed the difference.”

Tammy L.

“Thank you Honolulu Bathroom Solutions for making my life so much easier. Your crew came in and took care of the refinish work with ease.”


To have more custom features in your bathroom, take a look these other services below.

Tile & Grout Restoration/Sealing

Having your tiles and grout restored can feel like you just received a bathroom makeover. There are many out there that don’t realize just how much grime and mildew can build up on your tiles and in the grout. We do. That’s why we offer our restoration service. Allowing you to enjoy a cleaner bathroom every day. To find out more about the spectacular service, click below.

Countertop & Vanities

Ah, countertops and vanities are essential for any bathroom. It’s where you prep for a night on the town. A place to get ready to look good for a local luau. Needless to say, the right countertop can transform a person’s house to reflect their taste. It also can affect your attitude before you go to work. Picture this, waking up to a glorious marble countertop with a well-lit vanity vs. seeing a boring countertop with poor lighting. Which one would you rather have? To learn more about our countertop and vanity service, click on the button below.

Bath Cabinets

Having great cabinetry shows off the quality that you care about. At Honolulu Bathroom Solutions, we offer excellent reliable craftsmanship for your cabinets and drawers. They come with great storage at an affordable price. To find out more about the quality assurance that we offer with our cabinet creations, click below.

Thank you so much for choosing Honolulu’s Bathroom Solutions for your beautiful house.

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